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In these times

So I addressed change in my last post. I thought I should go ahead and work on “in these times”. What are “these” times? Well, for me they are times of turmoil, growth, pain, suffering, strife. They are also times of peace, learning, seeking, loving, forgiveness, and understanding. But the phrase itself is used often and by many people to describe the economy, the state of our youth…or used by elderly when they are comparing today’s world to yesteryear.


Either way-whatever your “these times” are-whether they are good or bad, they are ever changing. My times never stand still. My times require me to lean on the everlasting Lord, the Maker, my Rock, my Salvation, my Father, my Corrector because He is the only thing that doesn’t change in these times or any time.

You know, I can honestly say that despite what is happening, I love my life. I love my friends and my family, my children. I adore my God. God has blessed me with more than what I need in this world and exactly what I need for the next. I may not have every desire of my heart in these times, but I wasn’t made for these times.


These days are days to search,
to think, to see, to know—
reaching out to You to find
This Hour clarified:
all History being available
to new Perspective, greater range.

This Time is the time
to know and do;
a time of Portent:
unknown future
stirring into suddenness
of drastic change.

These Times are times for strength,
strength to receive the faithfulness
coming forth from You:
the Hour, indeed,
to Hear and Do.