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Sisters and Sprinklers

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“A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.”

Elizabeth Fishel

Elizabeth Fishel

I don’t have any siblings, but I am so glad these two have each other!  No matter if we have more children or not, these two will always have one another.  And although they are complete opposites of one another, I know that they will always be close and, because they are so completely different, each of them will be able to shine in their very own way.  We simply adore them!

Another must-have item!  My mom got this for the girls, and, while it will take them time to get used to it, they do love it and it will be so much fun (and something different from the pool) this summer!

On a side note, I was SO excited for them to be able to play in the water because, what does that mean people?!  SUMMER’S coming!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  YAY!!!!  (whew.  Thanks.  Just had to get that out 😉 )

Compare and Contrast

You know, I have so many people tell me that our girls look alike. I just don’t see it. I know I’m the mom and I really should notice whether my kids look alike or not, but I just had to post and see what everyone thinks. I have a serious post too this week, but I just needed to get this little tidbit one out of my system. Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂

Peanut at 18 months

Avery in Snow 18 mos

The Bean at 18 months

Bean Bag Girl

oh, maybe they do look alike….