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Funny Coffee

You know there are some things that are kosher to laugh at…farting, toilet paper hanging from your pants, undone zippers, and the like. Cancer isn’t one of them. Yet, I cackled when I read my Starbucks coffee cup today. I don’t know why. I guess I felt like if the person who wrote it could laugh at it then it was kosher for me to. Here’s what it said:
The Way I See It #295
Can we laugh at caner? Is it funny to lose your breasts? Am I crazy to have humor when I lose my hair? Should I ignore the giggles while receiving chemo? What if I nudge someone and sneak a smile, even though I have no eyebrows? Is it inappropriate? Don’t be offended, it beats waxing!

-Julie Wade, Starbucks customer and cancer survivor from Seattle, Washington

Wow. Did you laugh? I still want to cackle when I reread it. Why I suppose. Not sure. Just a lighter interesting note for today.