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Sneak Peek {Maternity}: Kira, Rusty, Asher, and Baby Dos

You all have seen this family before, and they are so super special to me! I am so blessed by all three (well, four) of them and was so glad Kira decided to do a maternity session this time around.  Kira wanted a simple, country feel to her images, and I think we definitely accomplished that!  This is a bigger sneak peek than usual because I just love all of the images of this family.  I love that Kira puts so much time and thought into every session, and she always makes sure to include items that are super sentimental to her, items that relate to her family. This time around, she chose to do their session at her grandparents’ farm, which is so beautiful. She brought in a super cute sweater that was made by her grandmother as well. And Rusty is always so super cooperative and goes with the flow.  Kira, you are beautiful and such an awesome friend!  I can’t wait until Baby Dos is born!















Sneak Peek {Family}: Harris Family

I haven’t seen these two in years! I actually grew up with both of them and even remember when they first started dating. And now they have two beautiful children! It was a joy to capture this family and to even catch up a little bit. Thank you, Lauren and Tommy, for giving me a glimpse into your now family of four!












Sneak Peek {Newborn}: Eli

I did Beth’s maternity session a while back. When she had approached me about it and told me how far along she was, I wasn’t sure we’d get the session done before baby Eli was born! But he waited for us and was quite late in making his appearance! His newborn session included the whole family who are all pretty excited that he’s finally here. Congratulations again, Beth and Dan, on your new little arrival!










Sneak Peek {Family}: The Southall Family

This is a very sweet family! Macey goes to preschool with my daughter and Wendy does my hair 🙂 I’ve known them for a while now and was excited that Wendy wanted to use me as their photographer this year. They haven’t had family pictures done in quite some time! Wendy wanted their session to be on their farm so all these images are unique and special to their family. I thought it was cool that all the pine trees on their land were planted so that they can be timbered later to help pay for their kids’ college education! And Jarett’s parents lived on this farm. His dad worked the land. So it’s a very special place for the Southall family.  Thank you Wendy and Jarett (and Macey and Parker) for making our session fun!


This family loves their little beagles!  They wanted their pets included in this session 🙂

This one is one of my favorites!  Both the kids are saying “Ewwww!”

I’ve Got a New Logo!


Some of you may have already noticed, but Liz Cooper Photography now has a new logo! And I SO love it 🙂  I am super duper thankful to Kira Kroboth and her husband Rusty at Krobe Interactive for all their hard work in making my logo beautimous and for formatting it to fit my smugmug site and my blog.  Kira and Rusty have started their own business creating and desigining awesome websites.  They do a fantastic job and have some really well-known clients, so if you’re ever in need of a website, check them out! Kira is not just great at her job, she’s my client, my friend, and an awesome mama!  I’m also especially thankful to Kristin Wieczorek, an art director,  for creating and customizing the logo and for collaborating with Kira.  You can find her fantastic self at .  I’ve never met you, Kristin, but I am so grateful for your talent!  Kristin created the owl in my logo just for me upon my request after she had already created a logo (actually, she created 3 different ones) which originally had an adorable little bird.  I contacted Kira and told her that I loved the logo with the bird, but owls are my thing and I would so so love it if she could put an owl instead of the bird.  So, she did! And it’s vintage and cute and all kinds of adorable 🙂

Once again, I’d also like to thank all my new and returning families and friends for their business and support in this photography journey!  You make my job interesting and fun!  You all can look forward to seeing yourselves on my website when I launch in the New Year!

Sneak Peek {Children}: Reese

Reese was the perfect model during our session! She definitely hammed it up for the camera! When Reese’s mom first approached me about doing a session, my first thought was Alice in Wonderland. She can totally pull off this vintage, whimsical look. Reese was so fun and easy to work with, and she looked beautiful! […]

Sneak Peek {Baby}: Erin

These pictures are super special to me because they are of one of my bestest friend’s daughter, Erin. She recently turned one! I love me some Erin.  She’s beautiful and sweet and cuddly and squidgy and she always, always smells good. She’s pretty awesome. She lets me have my baby fix any time I want. These were taken on location at her house and her mom had super cool ideas (of course) for her pictures. I love love love the lanterns! And Erin was super laid back and cooperative, as usual 🙂


Apparently the flower wasn’t that tasty 🙂