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Sneak Peek {Mother’s Day}: Kira and Asher

You all have seen this little man (and his mom) before! I have been so privaleged to capture him from newborn to now.  He’s got such incredibly awesome parents, and I was super excited (but honestly not that surprised;-)) that Asher’s mom, Kira, was the first to respond to my Mother’s Day session give away! Kira and Asher, you did another awesome job of helping me create sweet, memorable images of you!  And Rusty, I’m seriously thinking about hiring you as my assistant 😉  You all rock!  Happy birthday, Little Man Asher!

Sneak Peek {Mother and Girls}: Styers Family

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When Maria emailed me the other day asking if there was time enough to do a Father’s Day session, I panicked a little. It doesn’t give me much time to edit and get the pictures together for her to order. But when I saw them, my heart was at peace! These pictures were almost perfect just the way they were! And when the kind gentleman who let us use his farm told me I could come back whenever I wanted, I decided against asking him if that meant I could live there 🙂 This place really is a little bit of heaven! Rolling hills, hay bales, ponds, tall grasses, cows, barns, old tractors….it’s absolutely breathtaking!  This family are members of our church and their love for each other, for other people, and for God is evident. I had so much fun photographing them! Their love and personalities really shone through!  Once again, though, if you know this family, shhhh, don’t tell dad!  It’s a surprise!

Sneak Peek {Mother and Son}: Lori and Jackson

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Meet Lori and her super hero son Jackson!  Lori and I went to school together, and it’s awesome to see her as a mom!    She really is a super cool one and just as trendy (if not more so) as she was in high school.  This shoot was so fun!  Jackson brought different costumes, Wolverine and Spider Man, to wear and he definitely showed me his super hero side.  But he most certainly has a sensitive side when it comes to his mama!   It was so sweet to see this pair interact!  I even got to get some special shots of just Lori.  Thank you Lori for letting me catch a glimpse of you two together!  It was so fun to catch up!