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Uber Inconvenient

My water heater has been leaking pretty much since I moved in three months ago. So I finally decided to say something about it. Now the men are out here today fixing it. I thought it’d be a little thirty minute job but it’s not. It’s turning into a two maybe even three hour one. AND they came right when I was needing to wash dishes.

Now, I don’t have a dishwasher which is incredibly inconvenient all by itself…especially with two young children who not only dirty up fifty million sippy cups and bottles but, of course, need me every second that I’m washing. Today however, it was even MORE inconvenient because I had no hot water! I had to do them. The dishes were growing by the second…taking over my tiny little kitchen and some were even growing little planets on them. SO, I boiled water…inconvenient is not even the word. I can’t take a shower. I can’t really cook. Very very inconvenient. I’ve noticed that I’ve been affected by things like this recently.

Yesterday was my daughter’s first birthday and my parents were coming over last night just so I didn’t have to celebrate with my two daughters alone. Well, they were late (I don’t know why I was so surprised), and my birthday girl was getting tired. I was ill. So after leaving several ill tempered messages on my parents’ cell phones and house phone, they showed up….with dinner, balloons, and a rather large very cute gift for the birthday girl. After they both had worked all day..a long day..they came celebrated, put the toy together, took pictures and everything. And the birthday girl did fine. She got her second wind and was good to go! Don’t I feel like a horrible daughter at this point.

Anyway, these little things have made me think about how inconvenienced Christ was. I mean it was probably pretty inconvenient to walk on water, feed five thousand people (I have issues with two), heal sick people. It was probably really inconvenient to be constantly sought after (for good and bad reasons), to hardly ever have any alone time, to put everyone else before himself all the time. And I’m thinking it was probably REALLY inconvenient to be crucified….to walk all that way carrying a cross, to endure such emotional and physical pain. So that kind of puts me in my place. Because I don’t think I will EVER be THAT inconvenienced. Thank you Lord!!