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changeI’ve had a lot of changes in the past year or seven. I have to say I haven’t really taken any of them well or with the grace I wish I could have. I quit school to get married, had (and lost or quit) eight jobs, moved four times, had two children, lost one child, lost 50 pounds, gained 80, lost 40 again, gained friends, lost friends, started smoking, quit smoking, started, and (thank God) quit again, and, most recently and tragically, my husband and I separated.

The point of all that is to say, that I am wonderfully blessed! All those changes and the ones to come are part of the Lord’s plan for me, for each of us. I have been forced to accept change…something I so dreaded…change. That word always (and sometimes still does) made me want to hyperventilate. I’m NOT a go with the flow kind of gal. I’m a dig-your-heels-in-drag-me-kicking-and-screaming kind of person. Well, God did.  And boy am I glad! Thank you Lord for overcoming my fear of change!  And thank You for constantly making changes in me!  I know that out of mourning will come celebration and that out of darkness will come hope!


There comes a time of parting -—
Portent of different ways;
a difference in Season,
new patterns for our days.

That time at hand, brings mourning
until the New arrives.

Then comes Celebration,
horizons opening out;
new Possibility becomes
an apt reverberation.
Mourning scarce survives.