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Sneak Peek {Newborn}: Eli

I did Beth’s maternity session a while back. When she had approached me about it and told me how far along she was, I wasn’t sure we’d get the session done before baby Eli was born! But he waited for us and was quite late in making his appearance! His newborn session included the whole family who are all pretty excited that he’s finally here. Congratulations again, Beth and Dan, on your new little arrival!










Sneak Peek {Baby}: Erin

These pictures are super special to me because they are of one of my bestest friend’s daughter, Erin. She recently turned one! I love me some Erin.  She’s beautiful and sweet and cuddly and squidgy and she always, always smells good. She’s pretty awesome. She lets me have my baby fix any time I want. These were taken on location at her house and her mom had super cool ideas (of course) for her pictures. I love love love the lanterns! And Erin was super laid back and cooperative, as usual 🙂


Apparently the flower wasn’t that tasty 🙂






Sneak Peek {Baby}: Asher K.

The last time I took pictures of this handsome baby boy he was 3 weeks old and giving his parents a display of his vocal abilities! Well, he is now 6 months old and the most adorable, sweet, good natured little baby any mom or dad (or photographer) could ask for! Kira contacted me with lots of ideas for their session, and that makes me so excited. I love it when families really go the extra mile to plan and think about how they want their images to look. Kira did just that, and I’m so psyched that we actually got to do pretty much all the ideas she had presented to me! Kira and Rusty, you continue to be rockin’ parents! Asher is really blessed to have you guys! I had a really great time hangin’ with you three!

Happy Birthday Baby Bean!!

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone

My dear sweet Anabel,

When you were born, you caused us so much grief that I thought I could never feel about you the way I do today. You are the epitome of life. Your eyes shine with mischief and love. You are a serving, love-giving, vocal, sweet, smart, precious girl, and I feel my heart swell at the thought of you. Your sweet voice echoes with joy through our home morning, noon, and night.  You are so smart!  You know your colors, body parts (even elbow and eyebrow) and can count to 10.  You can even recognize some of your numbers and letters!  You love books, are inquisitive, and ever so mischievous. You are my baby. You will be my baby until I have another baby, and even then you will always hold a special place in my heart. You and your sister each hold your own special and unique place there. You are my only second sunshine!  There is only one you and that makes you very very special!

Today, you turn 2. I’m overjoyed daily that you were born and that you wake up every morning, that you are safe and sound in your crib. So many parents do not get that luxury. I am so blessed by your life, I cannot tell you. It is so cliche to say that you will never know the love I hold for you in my heart, but it is so true. You won’t.  My heart wells with love of great proportion every day for you.  Between you and your sister, I often feel overwhelmed by the love I have for you both!  Often, though, I am simply overwhelmed by my love for you.

Your mommy is still just as selfish as she was last year on your birthday. I still don’t want you to grow up. One day you won’t be 2 but 20. You will know the dangers, the good, and the evil of the world. You will learn that monsters are real and that catastrophes do happen. You will learn that in this world, innocence does not last forever. And honestly, I don’t want you to learn those things. I think I’d be perfectly happy if you remained 2 forever. I really don’t mind the dirty diapers or sippy cups. I don’t mind cleaning your sweet, chubby little hands and face after each and every meal. Each night when I rock you and sing your favorite songs, I wonder how much babyness you lost that day. I won’t know right away, but I will see it slowly but surely slip away.

I love you my darling sweet baby girl. My hope for you is that if you must grow up, that you remain sweet, kind, and serving of others, that your eyes always twinkle with mischief, that you never lose your special spunk, your love of shoes and necklaces, or the unique spirit that makes you my Anabel Rose. I hope that if you must suffer, that you will know that you can share the burden with me and that if you must see the monsters that you won’t know them personally.  I hope that you will find comfort from God and know His love, grace, and forgiveness.  I hope that if you must, at some point, lose your precious innocence, that you will not lose your zest for life and that there will always be a part of you somewhere in there that was my sweet innocent baby.

Happy Birthday Anabel!

Love always,


The pictures above by Angey Price Photography.

Kristy and Jason: Maternity

I was so happy and thankful to be able to photograph this couple only a few weeks before their baby boy is due! They were my first maternity photo shoot, and they did great! It was such a joy to have them as willing participants in my budding (or maybe just newly-planted) business 🙂 Here are some of the moments I captured!






79350004_edited-2 1






79490020_edited-1 2

Good Grief!!

In light of the death of a friend’s baby, I have been contemplating the grief the mother and family, and even surrounding friends, are feeling. It has brought anew the grief I haven’t felt for a while for my own lost baby.

When someone grieves something – really grieves, it’s hard to imagine anyone else could possibly feel the same thing….that utterly earth-shattering pain, pain that literally makes your heart feel like it will stop, an ache so great that absolutely nothing in this world can compare…nothing. It’s a grief that will make you double over. It will take your breath away for days at a time. It will make you cry dry tears. And worst of all, that feeling that you can’t make it go away. There is no pain reliever. There is no cure. It must be endured. This is the kind of grief I speak of. At the time, you think it’s horrible, wretched even. It’s worse than any physical pain. But the scars run deeper than any physical pain ever could.

I’ve been through this kind of grief on more than one occasion in my life. Each time, I’m convinced that God is a mean, horrible God for allowing such feelings…until the pain and grief subsides and I think, ‘I made it.  It ended.’  But this week, I’ve considered.  What does grieving give me that’s NOT painful?  What do we as a people get out of this process?  Peace? Sometimes.  Not really in my case.  I think we get the blessing of a strengthened character, a story to encourage others with, a testimony to share with the world.  We have fears subside even in some ways.  If you’re a woman reading this, you may know what childbirth is like.  You may have been fearful with the first child of what the pain was going to entail.  Now that you’re through it you, at the very least, know what to expect the next time (if there is a next time).  When we are put through trials that cause this extreme grief, it is the same.  We, at the very least, can know what to expect the next time…except we hope there isn’t a next time.  We can also know that there is a light at the end.  It will end, or at least subside to a point where you can function.  We are left with a testimony of some sort – a testimony of God’s provision, a testimony of people’s love, a testimony of healing, of making it through.  We are able to encourage others with our experiences.  We are able to better help them because we really DO know what they are feeling.  And we are able to do it anywhere, with anyone, in any country because grief speaks the same language everywhere.  We are granted more compassion and more love for those enduring the same or similar situations.  We are better able to help them through than someone who may not have experienced the same thing.

Grief is good.  It’s a blessing.  I don’t wish it on anyone, but I know – from experience – that I was made stronger, more compassionate, more loving, and better able to withstand pain in my life due to my experiences with grief.  My song is louder.  My heart is more prepared.  I made it through.  We are getting a lot out of grieving whether we know it or not at the time.  I am heartbroken for my friends.  I am pained for their loss.  I am more pained because I know what that feeling is of losing a child.  But I also know that they will not die from their broken hearts.  They will endure, and their testimony will be even stronger, their love even bigger, and their compassion even greater.

We were promised sufferings.  They were part of the program.  We were even told, “Blessed are they that mourn.”  – C.S. Lewis

He will heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds.  – Psalm 147:3

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.  – John Taylor

An Apple A Day…

does NOT keep the doctor away. I mean where did that phrase come from? I know apples have a lot of nutrients but so do pomegranates, bananas, oranges. Why apples? I mean does an orange a day keep the dentist away? (actually, apples WOULD be better for that)

Anyway, I had to take my one year old for her one year check up and shots yesterday. I found out several things: 1. She has a VERY high pain threshold 2. So high that she’s had two ear infections apparently for quite some time because there’ve been no signs of her being in pain and 3. there’s a reason God gave mothers a motherly instinct…and that is to not listen to the doctors when they say something stupid.

My doctor insisted that I not continue to give my daughter her nightly bottle. She said I could give her milk in a sippy cup as long as I brush her teeth afterward (yeah, at 10 pm when she’s still half asleep). So I conceded to the milk instead of the formula, but I thought that she wouldn’t take it. I didn’t feel comfortable about it because I told the doctor that she doesn’t really like milk all that much, but I thought I’d compromise. Big mistake. One of those smile and nod moments where I should have left the office and done exactly what I wanted to do. My dear sweet daughter awoke screaming her head off three times last night. She’s hungry. I tried the bottle with milk and she apparently wasn’t having any of that (I could tell by the way she let all the milk fall out of her mouth, down her sweet little face and onto..well, me). So I nursed her (something apparently this pediatrician wasn’t too thrilled that I was still doing even after I told her I was only doing it because my baby doesn’t take milk well and I didn’t want her to be dehydrated). She said a child will not let her/himself get dehydrated. WHAT?! Does she have kids? My first child would starve herself until I nursed her…I mean hours upon hours. She wouldn’t take a bottle AT ALL…EVER. My sweet angel #2 is just as strong willed. It is entirely likely that she would refuse liquids until she did get dehydrated.

So, on with the story. I finally wound up making a bottle (at like 3 am…haven’t done that in a while) to give her which she sucked down and went to sleep. Now I know that every mother doesn’t tap into their instinct and I know that sometimes (stress sometimes : )) mothers are wrong (although mine never has been….my mom is right…even when she’s wrong), but really, it’s MY baby. I know when she’s ready for certain things. I’m not going to push her to be a two foot adult. She doesn’t need to read before she can walk. She doesn’t need to eat with a full set of cutlery before she can eat all table food. I mean really people.

So, I still have learned so much through this experience. I am reminded that the Lord starts us off with the milk of His Spirit. And like a parent, He knows when we’re ready for the heavy stuff. And we are all too often the strong willed baby that likes the easy way of the milk. So when it’s time, and we’re done being hard headed, we’ll learn that the grown up food is so much better.

I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. 1 Corinthians 3:2