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My Norma Jean

“Look, mommy! Look! Look at my dress!”

My first thought is, How absolutely adorable! I must take a picture! My second thought?  Please, God, don’t let her turn out like Marilyn Monroe! I often think about them all grown up.  Who will they become?  What am I doing now that will make them who they will become?  And while the look of Baby Love standing in front of a vent with her chubby little legs posed perfectly in high heels and her dress flying up is the sight of innocence and life and all things wonderful, I worry where that innocence will go…and when.  And I pray.  I pray a lot.  And for a lot of things.  But I probably pray the most for my girls…especially now.

I used to think being a part of the beautiful people would make my life so much better.  There would be so much less that I’d have to worry about.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that the beautiful people weren’t all that beautiful anyway and they had the same struggles and problems that I did.  In many ways they had even more.  I hope that my girls will be blessed by their beauty and that their “beautiful people” will be on the inside.  Surely, no other beauty really matters.




A Snowy Day

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? ~J.B. Priestley

Although I really hesitate to call it a snowy day because there was more slush than snow, all children see is snow. They don’t care if it’s slushy or icy or dirty or beautiful. They only care that when they arose in the morning, their world looked so very different from when they went to bed. But for me, unless it’s a beautiful white snow that makes the world outside quiet and I can cozy up on the couch with something hot and watch movies (only to go outside when I desire), then I’m really not much of a snow person. However, 3 crazy kids+1 large dog+snow+ a mere 1000 square feet of house = the 4 of us bundling up and heading out.  And all in all I think our day was pretty successful…despite the fact that my socks were drenched and my feet were numb.














State Fair

Oh, how I love the State Fair!  I’ve been going since before I was born.  My mom was walking around the State Fair when she was 10 days past due with me!  It’s in my blood.  Anyway, going to the Fair is always a nostalgic time.  It’s always around or on my birthday and it always reminds me of childhood, of whimsical fun, and being fancy free.  I can eat what I want.  It’s the only place and time that you can cram yourself full of every ounce of junk food and do so to your detriment and it be considered “normal.”  It’s the only time you can act like a kid and people won’t look at you funny.  You can scream like a girl and it’s ok.  You can spend $3 just for the chance to win a giant overstuffed prize that will soon go to the charity shop.  It’s just fun.  Add to that the bright colors, the smells of fall, wood smoke, and all sorts of food, and you get bliss!

We had a great time this year!  By the end of the day we where tired, dirty, and somewhat ill-tempered as we made our way inch by inch through the mass of people to the exit.  But even that was fun.  It’s part of it.  It’s what you sign up for when you go.  And when we finally made it to our car with a backpack, cotton candy, two candied apples, a stuffed bear, a stuffed car, two handmade rag dolls, and two children who hadn’t quite made their way to their second wind, we knew we had had our fill of that State Fair bliss…until next year.

The girls loved the ferris wheel!  I was a bit nervous to be quite honest.  We got stopped at the top.

View from the top…at least the best one of the lot.  I was kind of nervous to hang out over a dangling car without a camera, much less with one.






I loved this guy and his music!  He walked around with a of this stuff attached to him all day!  And he would get the kids involved too.

We waited in line for about an hour for these Hamster Dance balls!  My mom, Sam, and I would switch out in the line.  It was worth every bit of waiting and the $14 we spent on it!


When I wasn’t waiting in line for the balls ride, I might have stopped here.  And I just may have had a huge funnel cake with powdered sugar and hot fudge.  And I might have eaten all of it (except for a couple of bites that dad took) by myself.




We got lunch from a church place this year.  We usually do the sausage or steak subs.  This place was good and less expensive 🙂


I discovered the fish eye edit on my camera!  I’m not sure how.  But I did.  And it paid off.  Because I got this.






Avery and Anabel both got a lot of ride time!  They road the roller coaster as well but the pictures are on the rough side.  We were all surprised at Avery’s willingness to go on some of them.  Anabel, however, surprised no one.  We all know she’s the daredevil in the family!


My mom and I rode this together!  I thought it was kind of funny that it was in Kiddie Land.  We sat next to a little boy of about 7…LOL.  We screamed.  He didn’t.

As we walked through the crowd, on our way to the gate, Anabel apparently fell asleep…sitting up.  We didn’t even know it until we stopped at the Village of Yesteryear.  The wagon was worth the money spent!





Happy 30th Birthday

We used to paint puddles in the sky,
Jump around on trampolines and never go inside.
We’d wake up in the mornin’ and decide
What we would do for the rest of our lives
But the rest of our lives came quickly…

Oh my darlin’
Oh my babe
How long will it take
To be carried away
To go back to the younger days…

Katie Herzig, “Oh My Darlin”

Today I have left my 20’s.  In so many ways I’m excited about the rest of my life.  But in many many more I am not.  I wonder what I’ve done with the ten years that were supposed to be some of the most exciting and vigorous of my life.  And I long to go back and try again.  To do things differently.  To make better choices.  My life is so crazy, so full that I haven’t actually had a chance to reflect on who I am now.  The person I see in the mirror is not the same in real life as she is in my head.  Somehow, some way, I must figure out who this Liz is and what she stands for.  And maybe by the time I’m 40 I will long less for the younger days.  Maybe by then I will be more comfortable in my skin and I will be better able to embrace the me that is real and cast out the one that is not and never will be again.

Or maybe…quite possibly…I will have a similar post waiting.  Maybe I will discover that the person in my head is really who I am and whether she looks 18 or 80 she will always be that person.  And that’s quite ok too.

For Future Reference:

There is so much that I’ve learned from having two children as opposed to one. So much that I need to remember in case we ever have another one. So much I just feel the need to share with those that only have one but may have another.

1.  If it’s been found in or under the furniture or on the floor and it’s not moldy, it’s probably still edible.

2.  Whatever non food product they ate will probably come out the other end eventually.

3.  Glade Plug Ins are nontoxic.

4.  Siblings fight.  As long as no one is bleeding or unconscious, they’re probably fine.  Let them fight it out 😉  They’ll  be hugging again in a few minutes.

5.  Just go ahead and buy two of everything.  The principle of sharing can be taught in other ways.

6.  Plates, cups, and eating utensils should all be one color.  Less for them to fight over.

7.  Someone will be crying at least once a day (usually it’s me)!  Especially if you have girls.  It’s normal.

8.  If giving my kids food off of my plate (because “it tastes better”) gets my kids to eat, so be it.

9.  They will do something to surprise and/or embarrass me in public every single time we’re out.

10.  Generally whatever that embarrassing thing is will have something to do with me a) not having any money b) not being fair c) yelling “don’t spank me!” at the top of their lungs d) other peoples’ disabilities or e) all four.  And it will always be said loudly.

11.  It doesn’t matter how many times she tells me she has to pee and we go to the bathroom and she doesn’t go.  We still have to go try each and every time.

12.  Kids will always suddenly get hungry and thirsty and/or have to go to the bathroom the second you leave the house, even if they’ve eaten or already peed.

13.  It is absolutely inevitable that someone will overhear you saying something to your children that will make them want to call social services.

14.  You will respond to their glaring stares by offering that they take your child home (while she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing herself on the floor).

15.  Traveling anywhere with two or more children is a nightmare.  Get used to it.

16.  With one child, I would totally take her in to the gas station to pay for my gas, never to leave her in the car alone.  With two, I lock them in the car, go pay for gas, grab a few snacks, and pray that they don’t kill each other before I get back.

17.  When she says she feels like she’s going to throw up, it’s too late to get her to the bathroom.  You’ll just have to clean up wherever it lands.

18.  It’s almost always projectile.

19.  If you’ve heard your name called 100 times or less in a day, it’s a good day.

20.  There are three things that you simply cannot force your child to do:  eat, sleep, and be quiet.

21.  There will be days when you think a) you wish your name wasn’t “mommy” b) you had a day job (if you’re a stay at home mom that is) c) I would switch with my husband in a heartbeat. d) we are never having any more children.

22.  You almost immediately change your mind because despite all the things you’ve learned about being a mom that you kind of wish you hadn’t, it’s still the very best and most important job in the world.

Princess Rock Star

“We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children, that makes the heart too big for the body”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I figured that Big Girl has had several posts devoted to her (and she’ll have another one at the end of this month) and feel like Littlest Munchkin deserves some super bloggy attention.

She is the epitome of life. She asks me if she makes my heart super happy. And I answer that she does.  She makes my heart super duper happy. She dances in our living room with wreckless abandon in a princess outfit and holding a guitar. Sometimes she closes her eyes, holds out her arms, and just sways to the music, her guitar rocking back and forth with her body. Sometimes she’s covered head to toe in nothing but bracelets, necklaces, rings, and crowns.  She’s definitely got a way about her.  She wakes up my senses in ways that no other can. Each of my children do.

I think every child a mother has is loved equally as much but in such different ways. Avery is so very much like her father, in almost every way. If I hadn’t bore her, I don’t think I could actually claim her as my own. Anabel, however…well, she’s so much like me, but oh so much better. She’s hot tempered, passionate, independent, a leader, mischievous, diva, princess, angel, sugar and spice, and everything nice all wrapped into one short, yummy little package.  She is my go-anywhere-do-anything-at-least-once child.  I was like that.  I kind of still am…just a little bit more inhibited than I was.  But Anabel is not.  She is uninhibited.  And it. is. beautiful.  I think if I loved her any more, my heart would simply pop.

Avery’s Birthday Part 2

Avery’s birthday and birthday party were a smashing success!  Thank you to everyone who helped make it so fun and wonderful not just for her, but for all of us!

We went to the lake with some friends the day of her birthday.  It was rainy, but we had a blast!

The gift!

The first cake.

My parents got her a big box full of Zhu Zhu pet stuff.  She loves it!

The “birthday party” cake!  Delicious!

The birthday girl and her daddy at the pool party.  They are so cute!

The next group of pictures are courtesy of my dad!  Thanks dad for taking such wonderful pictures and for being there for Avery’s 5th birthday party!

And just as her party was winding down and all the cake-filled, wound up children grabbed their balloons to go home, it started to rain.  It was appropriate really.  The end of the party, the end of the celebration of Avery’s birthday.  The moving forward.  The downer after every high.  As I packed up all of our things in the truck, the rain trickled down my cheeks and face like random teardrops and, while I was sad that I was then forced to accept that Avery had turned 5 (as if I could have stopped it anyway), I was also content in knowing that she had a very, very happy birthday.