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Sneak Peek {Family}: The Southall Family

This is a very sweet family! Macey goes to preschool with my daughter and Wendy does my hair 🙂 I’ve known them for a while now and was excited that Wendy wanted to use me as their photographer this year. They haven’t had family pictures done in quite some time! Wendy wanted their session to be on their farm so all these images are unique and special to their family. I thought it was cool that all the pine trees on their land were planted so that they can be timbered later to help pay for their kids’ college education! And Jarett’s parents lived on this farm. His dad worked the land. So it’s a very special place for the Southall family.  Thank you Wendy and Jarett (and Macey and Parker) for making our session fun!


This family loves their little beagles!  They wanted their pets included in this session 🙂

This one is one of my favorites!  Both the kids are saying “Ewwww!”

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