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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Sneak Peek {Family}: Phillip, Kimberly, and Lila

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This is the first session I’ve had to do on two separate days (due to bad weather on the first)! And this family was so awesome about coming back the second time! They were so laid back and cooperative (something I don’t know that I could boast given the same situation). Lila will be turning one soon and she is such a beautiful blue-eyed baby! Phillip and Kimberly, thank you for all the effort you put into this session and for being so easy to capture! Happy Birthday, Lila! (Oh, and Happy Father’s Day, Phillip!)












Sneak Peek {Exchange Students}: Deniz + Sophia

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Meet Deniz and Sophia! They have been exchange students of a family from our church for the past school year. Deniz is from Germany, but is actually Turkish, and Sophia is from the Ukraine. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and learning about their countries’ traditions and culture! They were so much fun to photograph! Deniz and Sophia, I’m so glad you had the opportunity to come to America and see our culture and visit lots of cool places, and I hope you both have a safe trip home!