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My Norma Jean

“Look, mommy! Look! Look at my dress!”

My first thought is, How absolutely adorable! I must take a picture! My second thought?  Please, God, don’t let her turn out like Marilyn Monroe! I often think about them all grown up.  Who will they become?  What am I doing now that will make them who they will become?  And while the look of Baby Love standing in front of a vent with her chubby little legs posed perfectly in high heels and her dress flying up is the sight of innocence and life and all things wonderful, I worry where that innocence will go…and when.  And I pray.  I pray a lot.  And for a lot of things.  But I probably pray the most for my girls…especially now.

I used to think being a part of the beautiful people would make my life so much better.  There would be so much less that I’d have to worry about.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that the beautiful people weren’t all that beautiful anyway and they had the same struggles and problems that I did.  In many ways they had even more.  I hope that my girls will be blessed by their beauty and that their “beautiful people” will be on the inside.  Surely, no other beauty really matters.





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  1. So cute!
    I completely understand. Having 2 girls. And beautiful ones, if I do say so myself! Chelsie, our oldest, is doing very well and has achieved the inward beauty that only comes from Christ. Grace is 9 and has such a sweet spirit. I’m thankful that our prayers do not go unheard and accomplish what He desires. And just like you, my desire is that our girls will choose to live Godly, Christ-centered lives in spite of how they look outwardly.
    Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. I adore these, Liz! Love the movement and the composition – the perfect portrait of every little girl! =) Happy New Year!!

  3. The little high heels are so cute. SO SO SO cute!


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