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Sneak Peek {Baby}: Asher K.

The last time I took pictures of this handsome baby boy he was 3 weeks old and giving his parents a display of his vocal abilities! Well, he is now 6 months old and the most adorable, sweet, good natured little baby any mom or dad (or photographer) could ask for! Kira contacted me with lots of ideas for their session, and that makes me so excited. I love it when families really go the extra mile to plan and think about how they want their images to look. Kira did just that, and I’m so psyched that we actually got to do pretty much all the ideas she had presented to me! Kira and Rusty, you continue to be rockin’ parents! Asher is really blessed to have you guys! I had a really great time hangin’ with you three!


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  1. Thanks for sending these to me. It looks like he really cooperated and the pictures are all great! He is a very photogenic little guy with beautiful blue eyes.

  2. Great job! Way to go Asher on being a great sport! Beautiful family Kira!

  3. Pics were absolutely adorable. He is so handsome.


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