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Sneak Peek {Family}: Williams+Grandkids (again)

So you remember the Williams and Grandkids post I did not too long ago?  Well I honestly wasn’t super happy with the outcome.  I liked them…but I didn’t love them.  And I don’t want to send out a product that I don’t love unless it’s absolutely necessary.  So I asked them if they’d all be willing to try again!  The difference is the first time we did the shoot it was a mild 75 degrees or so, fairly warm and not windy.  This time, however, it was about 55 degrees with a 10 mph wind!  Those kids wore the same beautiful white dresses and went barefoot just like they did in the previous sessions.  And Mrs. and Rev. Williams wore the same as well.  On top of all that, they still smiled, laughed, and joked around and had a good time 🙂 Thank you yet again Collier, Styers, and Williams families for bearing with me in the cold to get some much better images!

Poor things!  They were freezing.

I just had to put this one in!  It really cracks me up!


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