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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sneak Peek {Wedding}: Heather and Joe

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to photograph this couple’s wedding! It was a whirlwind of craziness and chaos, but it was a happy time and a beautiful wedding! Heather and Joe I wish you both the very best in your marriage and thank you for including me in your very special day!  Ann, thank you for choosing me as the photographer for your daughter’s beautiful wedding!

Sneak Peek {Family}: Hinton

The Hintons are such a unique family! Will is an art teacher at Louisburg College, and I actually took a couple of classes from him when I went there (over 8 years ago now). Pat works at the library there. I was happy to be able to get some family pictures of them, something Pat said she really didn’t have!  Pat is was so nice to catch up with you and your family again!

Sneak Peek {Family}: Cox

I so love the opportunities I’ve had to get to know my church family better through photography! I am generally pretty surprised to see the differences in the demeanors of them outside of church. This is one such family! Cox family, I really did enjoy capturing you all! I truly am thankful for the chance to get to know you all a little better 🙂

Sneak Peek {Family}: The Jones’s

I really enjoyed capturing this family a couple of days ago! The guys did an awesome job of humoring me, and Candy made sure that everyone was color coordinated and well-behaved 😉 Thank you Jones family for ensuring that this session was a complete success!

Sneak Peek {Family}: 4 Generations

I have loved meeting and getting to know this family! You may remember CC and Amanda from their summer session.  Well this session included CC, Amanda, Amanda’s mom, and her grandmother, Gee Gee!  It was so special to capture them all together!  Amanda, I am really enjoying getting to know you better and am thankful that you chose me as your photographer for this special session!




Sneak Peek {Family}: Castenada Kids

It is just the coolest thing to reunite with people that I grew up knowing! This is one such family! Elizabeth and I aren’t quite the same age, but we still grew up together and it’s awesome to see her as a mom! Elizabeth, your children are delightful (even your grumpy one), and I think you are a wonderful mother! Thank you for working so hard to make this session unique and fun.

I’ve seen some scowls in my time as a photographer, but this one really makes me chuckle!



Sneak Peek {Maternity}: Lindsay O.

Lindsay is such an awesome lady! I am so thankful that she and her girls and me and my girls have forged such a friendship! And I am super excited that she is expecting her third baby, a boy! This session also turned out to be an impromptu playdate for the girls – bonus!


















Sneak Peek {Baby}: Asher K.

The last time I took pictures of this handsome baby boy he was 3 weeks old and giving his parents a display of his vocal abilities! Well, he is now 6 months old and the most adorable, sweet, good natured little baby any mom or dad (or photographer) could ask for! Kira contacted me with lots of ideas for their session, and that makes me so excited. I love it when families really go the extra mile to plan and think about how they want their images to look. Kira did just that, and I’m so psyched that we actually got to do pretty much all the ideas she had presented to me! Kira and Rusty, you continue to be rockin’ parents! Asher is really blessed to have you guys! I had a really great time hangin’ with you three!

Sneak Peek {Family}: The Cookson’s

It was a pleasure capturing this family! I haven’t seen Lauren in probably about 15 years! She is the granddaughter of my childhood caregiver. She looks exactly the same as I remember her, and now she has a husband and two sweet little girls! It was so nice to meet your family, Lauren! I wish you all well!



















Sneak Peek {Bridal}: Dana S.

I love that this bride is actually getting married in the spring but wanted fall bridal pics! She’s another horse-loving farm girl and we took these on her farm with her very own horse! It was also pretty cold and windy on the day we took these and she was such a trooper! Kudos to her bridesmaid for coming to help out! You were such a great help! Dana, it was so wonderful to meet you, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of your special day – even though it’s months away!

Had to include this one!  This girl LOVES her dog!