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State Fair

Oh, how I love the State Fair!  I’ve been going since before I was born.  My mom was walking around the State Fair when she was 10 days past due with me!  It’s in my blood.  Anyway, going to the Fair is always a nostalgic time.  It’s always around or on my birthday and it always reminds me of childhood, of whimsical fun, and being fancy free.  I can eat what I want.  It’s the only place and time that you can cram yourself full of every ounce of junk food and do so to your detriment and it be considered “normal.”  It’s the only time you can act like a kid and people won’t look at you funny.  You can scream like a girl and it’s ok.  You can spend $3 just for the chance to win a giant overstuffed prize that will soon go to the charity shop.  It’s just fun.  Add to that the bright colors, the smells of fall, wood smoke, and all sorts of food, and you get bliss!

We had a great time this year!  By the end of the day we where tired, dirty, and somewhat ill-tempered as we made our way inch by inch through the mass of people to the exit.  But even that was fun.  It’s part of it.  It’s what you sign up for when you go.  And when we finally made it to our car with a backpack, cotton candy, two candied apples, a stuffed bear, a stuffed car, two handmade rag dolls, and two children who hadn’t quite made their way to their second wind, we knew we had had our fill of that State Fair bliss…until next year.

The girls loved the ferris wheel!  I was a bit nervous to be quite honest.  We got stopped at the top.

View from the top…at least the best one of the lot.  I was kind of nervous to hang out over a dangling car without a camera, much less with one.






I loved this guy and his music!  He walked around with a of this stuff attached to him all day!  And he would get the kids involved too.

We waited in line for about an hour for these Hamster Dance balls!  My mom, Sam, and I would switch out in the line.  It was worth every bit of waiting and the $14 we spent on it!


When I wasn’t waiting in line for the balls ride, I might have stopped here.  And I just may have had a huge funnel cake with powdered sugar and hot fudge.  And I might have eaten all of it (except for a couple of bites that dad took) by myself.




We got lunch from a church place this year.  We usually do the sausage or steak subs.  This place was good and less expensive 🙂


I discovered the fish eye edit on my camera!  I’m not sure how.  But I did.  And it paid off.  Because I got this.






Avery and Anabel both got a lot of ride time!  They road the roller coaster as well but the pictures are on the rough side.  We were all surprised at Avery’s willingness to go on some of them.  Anabel, however, surprised no one.  We all know she’s the daredevil in the family!


My mom and I rode this together!  I thought it was kind of funny that it was in Kiddie Land.  We sat next to a little boy of about 7…LOL.  We screamed.  He didn’t.

As we walked through the crowd, on our way to the gate, Anabel apparently fell asleep…sitting up.  We didn’t even know it until we stopped at the Village of Yesteryear.  The wagon was worth the money spent!






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  1. I loved that man and all his musical stuff, too! And the funnel cake…and the church hot dogs..and… 🙂


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