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A Room For Thought

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“A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts”

Joshua Reynolds

My room was always my room…from the time I was 2 years old that is.  It’s still my room, even though all my stuff is gone from it. Even though all my parents’ stuff now fills the room and it is not a bedroom but a study, it is still my room.  It is still pink and white, and there are still traces of me there.  I hung posters and pictures.  I stuck stickers.  I painted.  I had carpet put on the floor to cover the paint.  And then I ripped up the carpet because it was stained only to sand (by hand) and restain the floor.  I moved furniture, hung beads, changed the decor probably at least a dozen times.  It was my room.  It always told a story about who I was at any given point during my stay in it.

Neither of our girls can say that about their rooms.  I know they are young and have plenty of time, but I have always wanted them to have a room they can call their own not because they sleep in it but because it has been made theirs.  When we owned our house (or had a mortgage, rather), we never had the money to make Avery’s nursery pretty – nor Anabel’s when she came along.  Avery was a huge surprise and we were just super happy to have nice furniture in her room, much less decorate it.  Soon after Anabel was born we moved to an apartment.  I never want to paint or really decorate in an apartment because it’s not ours…and primarily because I knew I’d be the one to repaint and fix the walls before we left.  So here we are again renting and though we’ve been here a while, I still have not wanted to paint or really decorate the girls’ rooms for the same reasons.  So when I came across this post by a blog friend of mine, I was excited to finally find something cool to do to decorate each of my girls’ rooms (Baby Bel’s room has not been done yet).  Hopefully, we’ll be able to find more ways to make their rooms their own without painting or doing too much damage.  For now, here are some pictures of what’s been done…8 long hours it took me to do those “flowers”!  But I love them, and most importantly, Avery is crazy about them!


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  1. very cool and interesting!

  2. I love those! Such beautiful and vibrant colors.

  3. Wow. These are so beautiful Liz! I love that you are making their rooms theirs. That is a nice gift : )


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