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“Each second we live in a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again. And what do we teach our children? We teach them that two and two makes four and that Paris is the capital of France. But when will we teach them what they really are? We should say to each of them, ‘Do you know what and who you are? You are a marvel. You are an individual. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you.'”

– Pablo Picasso

Summer is such a reminder for me (and especially when we’re in or near water) of how each of my children is unique and different and marvelous!

Pop over to Fresh Mommy\’s blog for her Sunday Citar and other cool blogs with other cool quotes!


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  1. Such FUN!!! LOVE these photos, I so just want to jump in there with you guys 😉 That quote is fabulous as well… just like your family and your photography!


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