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Sneak Peek {Mother and Son}: Lori and Jackson

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Meet Lori and her super hero son Jackson!  Lori and I went to school together, and it’s awesome to see her as a mom!    She really is a super cool one and just as trendy (if not more so) as she was in high school.  This shoot was so fun!  Jackson brought different costumes, Wolverine and Spider Man, to wear and he definitely showed me his super hero side.  But he most certainly has a sensitive side when it comes to his mama!   It was so sweet to see this pair interact!  I even got to get some special shots of just Lori.  Thank you Lori for letting me catch a glimpse of you two together!  It was so fun to catch up!


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  1. These are great. Lori is just as pretty as ever. Great job Elizabeth!

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the one of Spidey squatting down on the rock!

  3. Love them!!! Jackson is so cute and Lori your georgeous!!

  4. Oh how sweet!!! My favorite is the two of them laughing in black and white!! It’s so real and made me smile 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness, the photo of Lori laughing was stunning. I really like that she allowed his personality to shine through in the photo shoot with the costumes. That speaks volumes!


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