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“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”

Bo Bennett

Our girls were SOOOOOO (and that is SO not enough O’s) excited to go to the Museum of Life and Science that they were bouncing off the walls 24 hours before we actually went!  It’s so funny because they’ve never been to a museum really and so they didn’t even know what to expect.  I showed them pictures of what they would see there, but it didn’t match the bubbling excitement they had to go.  It was kind of pricey to go, but it wound up being worth every penny and then some.  It was SUCH a fun place and there was so much to do and see that we couldn’t get it all in before we had to leave.  Of course, I would pick the hottest day of spring to go…94 degrees.  Kudos to my sweet, good-sport husband who, after working in the heat all day long all week long, hung out in some more heat for his family and, mostly, for his children.  Here’s some shots, but I don’t feel like I really captured the museum.  I was too preoccupied with all the coolness this museum had to offer!

Our family picture on the train there.

He really was happy to be there….honest!  And brownie points for advertising his company!

She didn’t want to look away from the tracks for me to get the picture!

At the dinosaur exhibit there was a huge place the kids could dig for fossils!

There was a whole trail of life size, life like dinosaurs.  They were very cool.

Thank you God for this very central, very air conditioned cafe!  Nice place for a break!

I think that the insectarium and butterfly conservatory were my favorite part and Anabel’s too (next to the train ride).  I actually just picked this butterfly up with my finger!  I could have stayed there and camped out.  It was so beautiful!

My little ladybug with a ladybug.

The outdoor play area was too big for me to get a picture of.  It was really cool!  Bells, drums, climbing, slides, sand pits.  The girls had a blast making noise and running around.

The plants were even amazing!  All over the place was beautiful foliage and exotic (and non exotic) flowers!

It usually takes a lot for me to be impressed enough with something to tell others about it, but this place was awesome!  I would take our children there regularly if we could afford it!  I think I was just as enthused as the girls were and Bloke, well he’s a man.  He kept his enthusiasm all bundled up inside 😉  But it was there.  I know it was.


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  1. Love it!! I love this museum too! I used to go there w/ a little boy that I nannied (not sure how to spell that?). Way to capture your fam! Love you!

  2. My sis loves this museum and has gone a few times with her boys. I have not mustered up the strength to hand the money over yet, but if you like it that much maybe I should get us over there one day. 🙂

  3. What a cool place!! I can see why your girls were so excited. Makes me want to visit 😉


  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love that your husband endured some more heat for his sweet girls. They are so cute. I can’t take it! Glad you had a fun time. You have a wonderful family Liz!

  5. Great pics, Elizabeth! Glad to see you are so happy!!!

    My blog has moved – make sure to check me out!

  6. How wonderful! I don’t think we have anything cool like that around us. Of course a quick hop, skip and a jump to Baltimore and we have tons. But it’s a bit longer than a hop, skip and a jump. lol


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