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Relationship: It’s Complicated

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“Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.”

Wayne Dyer

I recently saw a facebook relationship status that said “Relationship It’s Complicated.” I was a little shocked that facebook would be so astoot as to provide such a choice.  I for one think that if a relationship is worthwhile, it will be complicated.  Complicated is usually a good thing I’ve found.  It means that two people are bringing different experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and perspectives to the table.  It means we are forced in many ways to accept people on their own terms whether we agree with them or not and if it necessary for them to change, we leave it to God and love the person anyway. It means that we have to enter the relationship with the attitude of giving not the attitude of getting.  And it means we have to know and remember that no relationship will ever be 50/50 and that you should remember that, when you’re feeling like you’re giving more than the other person, there was surely a time when they were the ones giving 80 and you were giving 20.

I am so thankful to be making friends and to have friends who are in different walks of life, who come to our complicated relationship with different perspectives and experiences, and who love and care about me despite myself.  I would personally find myself difficult to deal with in a relationship, which makes me even more appreciative that people even bother to deal with me 🙂  I know that all of my relationships are complicated.  They force me to think, to pray, to grow, to love, to learn, to be less controlling and less anal, and I think all of those are good things.  They help me to be a better me.

Here’s some pictures of some complicated and maybe some not as complicated relationships.  You can decide which is which.


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  1. sweet post! I absolutely LOVE the B+W shot of the kids in the water all holding hands facing away… ah, so precious! Love you!! I’m so thankful for our friendship!!

  2. Very sweet Liz! I think almost every relationship I have is complicated too. Aren’t we humans super complicated? Oh yes we are : )

  3. I love the shots of the children…so sweet!

  4. Every relationship is complicated that is for sure. I guess that is just a part of life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Such sweet pictures. Happy Sunday! Enjoy your day :))))

  5. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the comments! I actually didn’t use flash on any of those…I don’t even have a flash on my camera. Haha I just had my ISO up really high, my Aperture wide open and my shutter at around 80 – 100. They are a bit grainy but I kinda like it.

    🙂 Bri

    PS This is a great post. I find that when most people encounter complications in their relationships it causes them to question where things are going, I think that this is a defense mechanism that is instilled in us at a very young age. Complications can lead to rejection, pain, etc and while that isn’t always the case, I think that many of us learn this early on.
    However with all that said I completely agree that if a relationship is worthwhile it is important to embrace the complicated. It strengthens that bond. If you are willing to go all in, in spite of the rough waters you’ve reached an even deeper love. This applies to romantic and friendships. When you make it through a big storm with the people you set out with…you get the satisfaction and confirmation that you can make it through anything.

  6. Boys will be boys. ha! Cute photos all.

    I agree. Even the relationships that I wouldn’t think to describe as complicated are ever changing. That leaves me sometimes unsure where I stand and that’s… well, complicated!

    You always make me think. I need a nap from the exertion 🙂


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