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Mayci Grey’s First Birthday Party!

I had such a great time capturing Mayci’s 1st birthday party! I think a first birthday is such a momentous occasion for both the child and the parents. The child has survived growing almost 3 times it’s birth weight, popping teeth, possibly walking, going from bottle to cup, amongst so many other huge transitions! The parents have survived their child’s infancy!!! They may be starting to sleep a little more and have a little less work to do as their baby starts to become a little independent person. Mayci’s first birthday was a celebration of all of this and more! Thank you, Christy and Scottie (as well as all of your friends and family) for letting me capture all those special moments! I had a hard time picking my favorites, so there’s a bunch here to look at!

I was fortunate to catch this expression, the true feelings a father has when putting together a toy!

They played a game where two teams had to roll each of their partners in toilet paper.  The first one to finish the roll won!  It was cute to watch!

The kids were so much fun to watch and take pictures of!

I have a series of pictures of these two sitting here eating.  They were hilarious!  She was trying to push him off the seat and he didn’t think it was funny, but she was just crackin’ up!  I watched them throughout the party.  I think they have a love/hate relationship.  I bet they’ll get married….lol.


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  1. LOVE these photos, perfect captures of the day! The first birthday really is a huge milestone… and what a sweet girl. It’s clear the love that everyone has for her!


  2. The look on Dad’s face is classic.


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