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Simple Sundays

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”


Last Sunday, we all had steaks at my mom and dad’s house and then we spent good time together hanging out and walking around in the woods and fields behind their house.  I have such fond sweet memories of Sundays growing up and even as an adult.  There is just something so very special about going over there for Sunday lunch and staying the afternoon…especially when it’s as beautiful a day as this one!  There is absolutely nothing better to me than spending my Sundays with all of us together like this!

Bloke’s fightin’ stance

He was on top form that day, making lots of crazy faces for the camera.

My dad can work wonders with film and still uses this one lots.

My dad grilling.  He loves to grill and when he does it really brings back fond

memories and creates new ones!

She loves her grandma!

This one ADORES her grandma!


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  1. What a great photo montage full of fun and happiness! Terrific quote. Love the last photo with the little angel and her grandma. Very sweet.

  2. Very nice! What a fun day together.

  3. Precious pictures, Liz!

  4. I always love seeing your whole family! I miss HUGE Sunday dinners at my grandparents’ farm house.

  5. That’s so awesome and looks like an amazing time!!! What great shots as well!

  6. Isn’t that scripture so true? It’s like when we take the time to make the quiet before the storm, we WILL find peace all week!

    Such great memories to have for your whole family. And is your father toting around an AE-1?? It looks just like mine!


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