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“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.”

Emily Dickinson

With some recent events in mind, I am pondering that word “hope”. I wonder why, generally, most people have at least the smallest amount of hope. I notice that my life ebbs and flows in hope, mountains and valleys. Seasons of great hope and seasons of almost none. But there is always at least one tiny grain of it. Why is that? Why do we not let go of that one little word? Why is it always there echoing only to often let us down? Why is it that no matter how long or how much we’ve hoped for something and it constantly doesn’t happen or happens and then goes away, do we still hope for it? How can we hope after heartbreaking, heartcrushing experiences?

I like to think our hope comes from God. We hope in Him. However, what about those who do not believe in God who also have continuous hope?  Where does their come from? Worse yet, how do we even begin to hope for something that we have never had? I have hoped for something for many years. I have come to have what I hope for and lose it and have it and lose it over and over and over again. And I suspect that I will continue to do so. And I suspect that when it goes away again, I will once again hope for it to come back. Is there a point when I won’t? No, almost certainly not.

I’m sure that you have something or some things that you hope for. Not necessarily a person or a material possession…maybe an event or a change, a revelation, or an awakening. Where does your hope come from? If you’re not a Christian where do you draw your strength to continue to hope and not let go?

We as humans seem to never lose hope.  On the whole, we are always hoping for a better world, a better tomorrow, a better moment, a better life.  We may have no evidence to show that any of the things we hope for will come to pass.  Yet still, we hope in them.  It stirs our hearts and minds.  It forces us to move on to tomorrow.  It is echoed in almost every movie, song, and book.  It radiates from us every day in every day tasks.  I find this good.  There is no passion that hope does not spring from, no desire that hope is not in the midst of, no love that hope does not find.  It is as the quote says – a song that does not stop at all.


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  1. Great quote. I think I find my hope in the tinyest of things. In the smile of a stranger or a kind person. I hope because I believe.
    Without faith, I wouldn’t hope and in my opinion everyone hopes in certain ways, even if you are not Christian.

  2. Wow. This post gave me a lot to think about. I also think our hope comes from God. Sometimes I meet someone who is filled with hopelessness and despair. It is such a sad place to be!

  3. Good food for thought. I think “most” of us, whether believers in God or not, have an innate sense that this is not all there is to it, that there has to be something better than this life.

  4. This is really good, and deep. It’s amazing what hope does for us. I think letting go of all hope is going over that far edge that none of us will let ourselves reach, and that’s a good thing. Hold on to that hope, deary!! It definitely keeps the world going ’round.

  5. one of my favorite quotes, I love her so much! thanks for sharing this….


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