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Meet My Friend, Angey

For those of you who don’t know her already, meet Angey! She is the sweetest most dear friend of mine (probably the best friend I’ve ever had really) and has stuck it out with me for almost two years now – and I know I haven’t been that easy ;-). She is a mentor, a confidant, a listener, a comedian, a photographer, a wife, and a friend to many.  She serves dilligently and with much love and devotion in our church and in her community.  She is just so full of life and the Lord, and her light shines on everyone around her!

Recently Angey let me take a glamour photo shoot of her! We had so much fun at the different locations,  and I learned a lot as well. Angey, thank you so much for constantly being there for me, for your wisdom, your photography help, and your love!  I”m so thankful to have a friend like you! I love you!  Happy Birthday!


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  1. Beautiful friend and awesome pictures!

  2. What a great friend to have! And fabulous pictures too! Love the chair and last one most!


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