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Compare and Contrast

You know, I have so many people tell me that our girls look alike. I just don’t see it. I know I’m the mom and I really should notice whether my kids look alike or not, but I just had to post and see what everyone thinks. I have a serious post too this week, but I just needed to get this little tidbit one out of my system. Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂

Peanut at 18 months

Avery in Snow 18 mos

The Bean at 18 months

Bean Bag Girl

oh, maybe they do look alike….


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  1. I never really thought your girls looked a like, but that picture of Peanut looks JUST like Bean!

  2. I agree with Ronnica…I’ve never thought of them looking alike until I saw these photos 😉

  3. I do see a strong resemblance between the two cuties.

  4. Ha! Yes they do look alike! And they are both beautiful.

    People say the same thing about my kiddos and I say the same thing that you do… I don’t see it. They do have similar coloring (hair, eyes) but they just look so different. If I relax my eyes and let my vision go sort of blurry… like looking at a Magic Eye book…. then my kids look A LOT alike 🙂


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