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Home Sweet Home?

So we’ve been back now for a few days. We’re officially unpacked and I officially have every stitch of laundry done! However, I can’t understand why people would actually want to come home from vacation. My husband says vacations are not vacations unless you live where you’re vacationing because, if you’re like me, you’re sad about leaving before (or soon after) you get there! In some ways, this is so true. How can one truly relax or enjoy a vacation knowing that they have to come home? And exactly who walks through their door and says with a smile, “home sweet home”? If you’re out there, let me know! So here’s some of my favorite pictures from my not-so-relaxing but ever entertaining and enjoyable “vacation”!

Helping Sister

sillohuettes 2

close up

first day on beach

Pretty Baby

Beaufort Clock



First Ice Cream Cone

flip flops

holding on tight


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  1. first off: these images are beautiful. such precious memories.
    as for you comment: when it comes to life vests you are so right, some of them wear out. some of them break down and cannot be restored but I find it is best to always have more than one. although there is only one person in my life that knows everything about me, i recognize that I can’t rely solely upon her. i’ve built other solid friendships that help to encourage and support me along the way. i think it is important to recognize that all equipment wheres out but when you take good care of something it has the possibility to last a lifetime. Now if you are someones life vest and you feel like they are drowning you with them, i think there is a point where you need to encourage them to find a raft. Sometimes the waves are so big and the storm is so powerful that you need a bigger institution of support. This could all be wrong but it is what i think.

  2. I love B&W and yours are excellent
    the sandal fence shot is great!

    but what really stands out are all these beautiful beautiful children!

  3. those are so beautiful! you use a film camera? do you scan all your photos in?

    so glad you dropped by.

  4. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been facing a storm the last couple years. I can’t say that I’ve experienced anything like what you are going through but I can tell you one thing, your happiness is worth fighting for. I don’t know what you are going through, but if you made it this far – you sound like an overcomer. The horrible thing about storms in our lives is you never know how long they will last, but you must keep in mind that they do eventually fade. Sometimes they leave a mess in their wake but it’s nothing you can’t survive. It sounds as though you are getting tired, and I can imagine four yrs of doing a dog-paddle in raging rapids would do that to you…but you have to want to come up for air. As long as you cling to that desire, you have something to hold onto. Being that I know no details, I have a hard time really sharing my heart because I don’t want to come from left field. I do pray that you find the peace you are fighting for. One thing that I’ve learned about real friends and real family is that no matter how long our storms last they are there because if not anything else their love is real and they want you to come out of this.

  5. Your photographs are amazing. Really.

    Vacation… I don’t want it to be over but when we are on the road heading home I get so ready to be there that I PINE for my home. I guess that sounds strange. A nap in the car always helps 🙂

    I hope your week is blessed!!

  6. Hey girl, great pics from the trip. Some of your photos/girls make me think of a friends blog. So I just had to share it with you because it inspires me all the time in capturing my family and journaling about life… all the ups and downs. I hope you enjoy it.

    Keep up the blogging friend!



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