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A Happy Pill Away

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So I’m driving down the road with the radio on. The girls and I love to rock out when we are driving any lengthy distance. A commercial comes on. Cue happy, calm, syrupy sweet, female voice. The ad is for a pill called “Good Days”. No, I’m not joking. It’s a pill that apparently will end your bad day dramas and will, instead, promote a sense of well being. Cures anxiety and stress  (insert Bird thought, ‘Really?!’). Ends with “don’t you wish every day was a good day?”

Are you kidding me?! Half way through the ad I half expected some comedic voice to interrupt with a big “SIKE!”. I mean really. Is this what the American population is going to resort to? Is it really all about how we feel?  I mean honestly, I couldn’t believe the commercial was for real.  It occured to me, however, that, yes, in our world (at the very least in our country), the majority of people operate based on how they feel.  We call in sick because we don’t feel like going to work.  We order take out because we don’t feel like cooking.  We have shotgun weddings because we feel like we’re in love.  We murder because we feel hate.  We bicker because we feel desire.  We get divorced because we no longer feel in love.  We take risks so we can feel “alive”.  We step on toes so we can feel important.  We lose weight so we can feel self esteem.  We do and don’t do lots of things because of feelings. We are a happy pill society.  Whatever makes you feel happy, then do it.  Right?

I disagree.  I am challenged daily to continue to do things that I don’t feel like doing because my day is based on how I can glorify God and grow in Christ not on whether I’m uncomfortable or not.  My feelings blow like the wind and I will not be subject to their lies.  Our society’s basis for truth should not be how we feel but on what we know is truth.  It is only in Christ that one can know truth.  We take pills for everything these days – anxiety, stress, pain, phobias, etc.  While I do believe that many medications are a blessing, I also believe that our doctors are too quick to prescribe something for which there is only one cure, salvation.  Besides all of that, how boring life would be if every day were a good day!

It seems, our society is just one happy pill away from destruction, not happiness.  It is in our feelings that catastrophes lie.  It is in Christ that our security comes.

The great thing to remember is that, though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not. – C.S. Lewis

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  1. I agree that we’re too apt to follow our feelings, however we have to avoid the ditch on the other side of the road as well, the one that says that our emotions are fallible, but our thoughts aren’t. BOTH our minds and hearts have been marred by the fall. The smart thing isn’t to follow “logic” or feelings, but to test both against the Word of God.

  2. I went to a diet clinic one time and talked to the doctor. She wrote me a presciption for an anti depressant on the spot. She had talked to me ONCE. I asked my medical doctor about the pills and found out that they were highly addictive and that I DID NOT need to take those pills. Can you imagine if I had filled that prescription because I was unhappy about my weight???

    All that I needed…. and need now… is to change my habits. No pill is going to do that for me.

    Although there are people who really need to be medicated, I wasn’t one of them.

    As always Liz, great post!


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