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Thanks to the Chef

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Funny story. When Bloke and I went on our honeymoon we went to a super duper nice restaurant. I mean it set us back a couple of hundred bucks it was that nice (and we were that stupid). Anyway, I was less than following Christ at that time in my life. Let’s just say I’d strayed for a period of years. We had some really nice champagne (complimentary of the restaurant for $10 a glass). And we chose to order a really nice bottle of wine. Well, it was really yummy. I mean I didn’t even taste any alcohol in it at all! I had more than a couple of glasses (after the champagne) and, not being a drinker, I was pretty wasted. Before we left, our waiter was clearing our table, and I said to him (kind of sloppily I’m sure but I did mean it…lol), “Thanks to the chef”. Bloke was so embarrassed. He told me there were a number of correct and kosher remarks to say to a chef in a restaurant such as that and I didn’t say any of them.   Anyway, the point was that I was thankful to him for such a wonderful meal.

Right now, I am so thankful for my Chef of Chefs! I’m so grateful for the good and bad that He has allowed and/or placed in my life!  I don’t always thank him appropriately or with the right words  (and obviously NEVER in a drunken state), but my gratitude is still recognized.

I’m so thankful to Him that I have a husband who, despite our marital struggles, is willing to go out there and work hard so that I can stay home with our girls and raise them to love and serve the Lord and others and (hopefully) homeschool them when the time comes.  I’m so thankful that we are not homeless and we have enough food to share.  I’m beyond thankful that the Lord provided my husband with a job that gave him a company car so that I am able to run errands, see friends, and take the girls on “field trips”.  I have fabulous parents who are constantly loving, supporting, and always interested.  God has blessed our family with a fantastic church family who are are “in it for the long haul” with us.  We are all healthy and have remained healthy which is a HUGE blessing!  I’m thankful for all the stormy days in our lives because I know that a) they WILL end one day and b) they are refining us and teaching us how to better follow the ways of Christ and glorify Him.  I’m thankful that Christ died for ME.  I always used to say US, and He did die for us.  But He also died for me which is more personal and the realization of that makes me all the more thankful…and all the more aware of my sin.  I’m thankful for every single day I have with my children and for every day my husband returns home safely, for every smile, laugh, cuddle, kiss, hug, and touch that I receive, even from friends.  I”m so thankful for my separate abilities as a wife and mother and as an individual in Christ.

I am of the mentality that no matter what situation you are in, you can be thankful because you always have more than what you deserve.  I know this may be a hard concept for some.  There are “innocent” people, children, starving.  Homeless people.  Beaten people.  Tortured people. Families broken by divorce or death.  I’m not naive.  I know the many horrors of the world.  My heart breaks for them daily.  But what we truly deserve is far worse than any of that.  The absence of love, of light, of peace.  A complete void. Imagine what it’s like to have no love.  That is only a little of what life in Hell is like.  As a Christian, I am thankful for many many things.  I’m also thankful that God is God.  He’s perfect and holy, sovereign, love and wrath.  So we don’t have to be able to actually be grateful for something.  I do, however, feel like we can always find something to thank our Maker, our Chef for, no matter how tiny it may be.  But we should also remember simply to be grateful that God is who he is, our Creator, Maker, Shepherd, Rock, Lord, Savior, Refiner, Perfector, the Alpha and Omega of all.


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  1. “no matter what situation you are in, you can be thankful because you always have more than what you deserve.”


  2. Great thoughts!
    And isn’t it cool that we don’t have to be ‘politically correct’ with the Lord? So, yes, thanks to the Chef!
    Glad to be able to come by for a visit.
    God bless

  3. This is beautiful. I’m so thankful to my chef as well… He is always faithful. Love this!!


  4. I know I don’t even realize the half of it, let alone a great deal of detail, but you and Bloke have come such a long way in the short time since I found your blog! (Through Ronnica too wasn’ it???)

    I am so proud you two have persevered! It takes courage, strength and committment! I know it cannot be an easy road, but you are doing it!

    Isn’t it in Romans or something: testing and trials produces character which produces endurance which produces hope or… something. (Oh Lordy I should be ashamed. But seriously, I haven’t finished my coffee yet! lol) You two ARE that!!!!

    Okay, okay so back on track…
    Yes, we need to mindful, thankful and filled with worship and praise of everything and anything! No matter how big or small.

  5. The word “deserve” is a curse word here in our house- so are the words “that’s not fair!”

    Those are “dirty” words here :o)

    I am thankful for YOU.

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