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I’m having a hard time blogging recently. It’s not that I don’t have things to post. It’s just that I hardly have time to organize my life into thoughts that are postable. When that happens, I will certainly be updating everyone on the life and loves of Liz Cooper!


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  1. I’ve been having a wee bit of Blogger’s block lately, too. I have a ton of things I want to write about, but they’re all so serious!

  2. YAY! Here you are. Last night I couldn’t get to your blog 😦

    Blogger’s block happens. Take a break and wait for inspiration. I have found when I push it my posts are seriously lacking. I should just rest (or go to the thrift store).

    Just don’t take too long K? 🙂 Praying a blessing for you today!

  3. Aww, it happens to us all… you’ll be back and full of things to say in no time!


    Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!

  4. I’ve had a bit of bloggers block lately. Usually God is working something out in me when it happens. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with me on our blog.

    Have a blessed day. You have a beautiful family.



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