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No Name Calling!

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You know that phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? What about the lack of calling someone a name? That’s hurtful too! For instance, I want to know why the Bean walked up to this man:

X Man

and called him daddy, but she didn’t walk up to this woman:


and call her mommy.  I mean I know that daddy doesn’t walk around with pop out claws sticking out of his knuckles (at least not most of the time).  Daddy does often wear cut off t-shirts and jeans.   Hmmm, X Man is more expensive than Barbie. That’s it!  Maybe it wasn’t such a hurtful thing after all.  Barbie is cheap and anatomically incorrect anyway.   I’ve decided.  The Bean is very smart.

Hope you’re all having a happy Friday!

A Happy Pill Away

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So I’m driving down the road with the radio on. The girls and I love to rock out when we are driving any lengthy distance. A commercial comes on. Cue happy, calm, syrupy sweet, female voice. The ad is for a pill called “Good Days”. No, I’m not joking. It’s a pill that apparently will end your bad day dramas and will, instead, promote a sense of well being. Cures anxiety and stress  (insert Bird thought, ‘Really?!’). Ends with “don’t you wish every day was a good day?”

Are you kidding me?! Half way through the ad I half expected some comedic voice to interrupt with a big “SIKE!”. I mean really. Is this what the American population is going to resort to? Is it really all about how we feel?  I mean honestly, I couldn’t believe the commercial was for real.  It occured to me, however, that, yes, in our world (at the very least in our country), the majority of people operate based on how they feel.  We call in sick because we don’t feel like going to work.  We order take out because we don’t feel like cooking.  We have shotgun weddings because we feel like we’re in love.  We murder because we feel hate.  We bicker because we feel desire.  We get divorced because we no longer feel in love.  We take risks so we can feel “alive”.  We step on toes so we can feel important.  We lose weight so we can feel self esteem.  We do and don’t do lots of things because of feelings. We are a happy pill society.  Whatever makes you feel happy, then do it.  Right?

I disagree.  I am challenged daily to continue to do things that I don’t feel like doing because my day is based on how I can glorify God and grow in Christ not on whether I’m uncomfortable or not.  My feelings blow like the wind and I will not be subject to their lies.  Our society’s basis for truth should not be how we feel but on what we know is truth.  It is only in Christ that one can know truth.  We take pills for everything these days – anxiety, stress, pain, phobias, etc.  While I do believe that many medications are a blessing, I also believe that our doctors are too quick to prescribe something for which there is only one cure, salvation.  Besides all of that, how boring life would be if every day were a good day!

It seems, our society is just one happy pill away from destruction, not happiness.  It is in our feelings that catastrophes lie.  It is in Christ that our security comes.

The great thing to remember is that, though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not. – C.S. Lewis

happy pills

Things To Do Before I Die

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I’m copying a post by Ronnica at Ignorant Historian. I don’t make it a habit to copy ideas, but this one got me thinking about things I really do want to do before I die.

1. Go parasailing

2. Go sky diving

3. I definitely want to set foot on every habitable continent. (I have South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa to go)

4. Visit the Holy Land

5. See the pyramids of Egypt

6. Go on a safari

7. Have two more children

8. Make enough money to give our children nice weddings and nice inheritances.

9. Meet my great grandchildren

10.I want to go on at least one mission trip (not long term, but long enough).  I’ve had the desire to go on one off and on for about 10 years now and haven’t made it yet.

11.  Start a small photography business

12. Actually own stock in Starbucks

13. Grow to be the best wife and mother God has called me to be.

14. I’d like to do a photo journal for a year.  Take a picture of something every day for a year that represents how each of my days went.

15. Build my own house (actually this is more of a family goal.  I’d like for US to be able to build our own home)

16.  I’d like to have time to take back up the things I used to love doing:  painting, drawing, rock climbing, running.  Sometimes I look back at my portfolio and think, wow, I actually did that?

So I know 16 seems like an odd number of things to do before I die, but really that’s all I can think of right now.  I’m sure that list will grow and grow as the years move on.  But, really, that’s more than enough for me to get started.

Thanks to the Chef

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Funny story. When Bloke and I went on our honeymoon we went to a super duper nice restaurant. I mean it set us back a couple of hundred bucks it was that nice (and we were that stupid). Anyway, I was less than following Christ at that time in my life. Let’s just say I’d strayed for a period of years. We had some really nice champagne (complimentary of the restaurant for $10 a glass). And we chose to order a really nice bottle of wine. Well, it was really yummy. I mean I didn’t even taste any alcohol in it at all! I had more than a couple of glasses (after the champagne) and, not being a drinker, I was pretty wasted. Before we left, our waiter was clearing our table, and I said to him (kind of sloppily I’m sure but I did mean it…lol), “Thanks to the chef”. Bloke was so embarrassed. He told me there were a number of correct and kosher remarks to say to a chef in a restaurant such as that and I didn’t say any of them.   Anyway, the point was that I was thankful to him for such a wonderful meal.

Right now, I am so thankful for my Chef of Chefs! I’m so grateful for the good and bad that He has allowed and/or placed in my life!  I don’t always thank him appropriately or with the right words  (and obviously NEVER in a drunken state), but my gratitude is still recognized.

I’m so thankful to Him that I have a husband who, despite our marital struggles, is willing to go out there and work hard so that I can stay home with our girls and raise them to love and serve the Lord and others and (hopefully) homeschool them when the time comes.  I’m so thankful that we are not homeless and we have enough food to share.  I’m beyond thankful that the Lord provided my husband with a job that gave him a company car so that I am able to run errands, see friends, and take the girls on “field trips”.  I have fabulous parents who are constantly loving, supporting, and always interested.  God has blessed our family with a fantastic church family who are are “in it for the long haul” with us.  We are all healthy and have remained healthy which is a HUGE blessing!  I’m thankful for all the stormy days in our lives because I know that a) they WILL end one day and b) they are refining us and teaching us how to better follow the ways of Christ and glorify Him.  I’m thankful that Christ died for ME.  I always used to say US, and He did die for us.  But He also died for me which is more personal and the realization of that makes me all the more thankful…and all the more aware of my sin.  I’m thankful for every single day I have with my children and for every day my husband returns home safely, for every smile, laugh, cuddle, kiss, hug, and touch that I receive, even from friends.  I”m so thankful for my separate abilities as a wife and mother and as an individual in Christ.

I am of the mentality that no matter what situation you are in, you can be thankful because you always have more than what you deserve.  I know this may be a hard concept for some.  There are “innocent” people, children, starving.  Homeless people.  Beaten people.  Tortured people. Families broken by divorce or death.  I’m not naive.  I know the many horrors of the world.  My heart breaks for them daily.  But what we truly deserve is far worse than any of that.  The absence of love, of light, of peace.  A complete void. Imagine what it’s like to have no love.  That is only a little of what life in Hell is like.  As a Christian, I am thankful for many many things.  I’m also thankful that God is God.  He’s perfect and holy, sovereign, love and wrath.  So we don’t have to be able to actually be grateful for something.  I do, however, feel like we can always find something to thank our Maker, our Chef for, no matter how tiny it may be.  But we should also remember simply to be grateful that God is who he is, our Creator, Maker, Shepherd, Rock, Lord, Savior, Refiner, Perfector, the Alpha and Omega of all.

Bring on the Rain…I Don’t Need An Umbrella

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It’s inevitable.  Really.  It never fails that I go grocery shopping on a cloudy day and walk out into a diluge (cloud to ground lightening and hail included)…with two young children.   One of which is screaming because she’s getting wet (insert Peanut) and the other laughing her head off because she’s getting wet (insert Bean).  And then there’s me, cursing myself for not bringing an umbrella and ticked off at the rain for ruining my day.  I am never prepared for the rain.  I never have an umbrella on a cloudy day.  This, too, is the case in my life.  I’m always shocked that I get caught in a diluge.  I’m not sure why.  You would think that after hundereds of catastrophes that I would be ready for Murphy’s Law, but I’m not.  Not ever.

When I think things are progressing and going well in my life and/or marriage, the clouds come but I never ready myself for the rain.  I think I’m just learning to trust God and go with the flow.  I know in some cases it’s good to be prepared…emergency funds, college savings, retirement.  They are all good things.  But for day to day life?  How do you prepare for that?  How do you prepare for a catastrophe? How do you prepare for the ups and downs?  You don’t.  I’ve found that being unprepared in certain circumstances has really strengthened my trust in and relationship with God.

Bloke and I have been on a roller coaster since we reconciled.  It’s been crazy. Really. Really.  Crazy.  I’ve had so many many moments where I just begged God for relief even for just one moment.  It’s been one rainy day after another interspersed with some moments of sun for our family.  We may be soaked, but we’re still alive and, really, all the better for it.  Because each storm we make it through on this journey is strengthening us as a family and individually.  Each storm refines us to look more like Christ hence glorifying Him.

So that’s my journey as of now…a series of storms with maybe a chance of sun and at the end of the week some sanctification.  Now, I have to go put some clothes in the dryer.

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.         2 Corinthians 4:17-18

Blogger Block

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I’m having a hard time blogging recently. It’s not that I don’t have things to post. It’s just that I hardly have time to organize my life into thoughts that are postable. When that happens, I will certainly be updating everyone on the life and loves of Liz Cooper!