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Musings of a Multitasking Mom

So Tuesday rolls around yet another time, but this Tuesday is different. My car has a gas shortage and my gas envelope is also short which makes traveling very far rather difficult. The wonderful Wal Mart Supercenter is about 25 miles from me…SO it’s off to Food Lion and the little Wal Mart here in town.

Last week, the Bean and Peanut had a head butting contest and, well, the Bean lost. She got a black eye which is slowly but surely dissipating. These days, if I am only getting a couple of things in a store, I put the Bean in the big part of the cart because she’s really active and likes to jump around and such….less hassle for me, more fun for her. So I take the Bean and Peanut into Wal Mart. I put the Bean in the big part of the cart and while we’re looking around and old woman is talking to the Bean in a high pitched sweet voice that would irritate a deaf person. The Bean is looking at her like she’s nuts. I mean, babies are just little people. Let’s talk to them as such. Well, her voice wasn’t as annoying to me as what she said. She said, “you’d better sit down before you get another black eye.” WHAT?!! I mean I’m sure she meant well, but really. Come on. I’m all about it takes a village to raise a child, but I really want to know that village first (i.e. my church…any member pretty much at my church has the right to correct my children). It really “grinds my gears” when perfect strangers come up to me or said child and correct me or them. I’ve had people tell me the craziest stuff over the years and each and ever time, I go bonkers. Needless to say, we moved on…and no, I didn’t smile politely because she’s my elder.

We get home with groceries and said Wal Mart stuff and I am once again slapped in the face with the task of quickly unloading all the groceries before the Bean and Peanut either 1)break something 2)hurt the dog 3) hurt themselves or 4) hurt each other. Well, I’ve been on a winning streak where I’ve managed for quite a few weeks now to get them in without a complete disaster. Today, was the breaker. The Bean adds to her black eye a beautiful shiner right on the forehead. How you ask? Whilst playing in her old infant car seat on our patio, she tipped it over and smashed her sweet little head on the concrete floor. Now my little Bean is a tough cookie, but even she had to admit that hurt by screaming at the top of her little lungs. Loving sister Peanut hurriedly disappears out of sight as if she did something wrong…hmm, must be reflex nowadays.

Anyway, so after some comfort from Yours Truly and a little lunch, the Bean was sufficiently satisfied. And after such a distressful morning, she was so tired that she passed right out in her chair! Another first for the Bean!

Well, I’m signing off to continue the jet set, fact paced, on the go lifestyle of a mom that I’ve so grown accustomed to…




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  1. You should call her the Jumping Bean. =) I never noticed how much she looks like you until looking at that second picture!

    Oh, and I’m glad I have the right to correct your children…cuz I have. 😉

  2. Oh bless her heart… it’s so hard to see them getting hurt all the time… but active little ones just do!! Hope she feels better soon!



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