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Guilty As Charged

I saw this on someone else’s blog and I can’t remember who’s now….so if you see this I’m really sorry and feel free to let me know who you are! I’m guilty. Very guilty in fact. I mean some of these I’m guilty of on a semi regular occasion:

1. Blindly answering “yes” to whatever my 3 year old has asked me fifty times in a row (this will really be a problem when she gets older)

2. Cutting out tangles instead of brushing them out (less pain for her AND me)

3. Checking my email while feeding my poor baby and realizing that I actually haven’t made it to her mouth with the spoon. It’s actually pretty cute to see her little head bobbing out and in with her mouth open ready for the grovel.

4. Asking my 3 year old if she needs a spanking. I mean what do I really think she’s going to say? “Yes”? Umm. Probably not.

5. Giving baby girl milk that was left in the car overnight because I ran out and didn’t think about it until the morning when we needed it. I mean it was cold outside so it couldn’t have been that bad…and she’s obviously still alive.

5. Multitasking while giving the children a bath. Ahem…as long as they’re making noise I’m not worried. Baby is a natural born swimmer anyway. She’ll save big sister from drowning.

6. Telling 3 year old that the cookies I bought for her are all gone. Mommy ate them. But, yes, we will get some more. Don’t worry, I really did get more.

7. Jamming in the car parked in the car port with the girls strapped in in the back seat.  They love it and so do I!

8.  Letting baby play in the toilet so granddad could get a picture…it was clean…kind of.  Once again, she’s still alive.

9. Letting baby eat the dog biscuit that she somehow managed to get out of a ziploc bag.  Hey, she was happy. It’s digestable.  And it might make her hair grow!

10. Last but certainly not least, I’m guilty of absolutely adoring both my children and loving them to the extreme…even if I might let them do some pretty questionable things.

So, what are you guilty of (that you’re willing to admit)? You don’t have to be a mom to answer!


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  1. I am guilty of misplaced irritation. If I am stressed I have taken it out on my kids in the sharpness of my voice and lack of patience. Makes me feel VERY guilty.

    You got the letter “N” for the letter meme thingy.

    Hope your Valentine’s Day was great!!


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