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Musings of a Multitasking Mom

So it’s Tuesday again! Somehow that came out as more exciting on the screen than it did in my head. Anyway, I’m so thankful that I had no embarrassing moments, but there were a few things that happened that really caught my attention.

1. I’m waiting in the typically long line at Walmart with two hungry children (one is eating grapes out of the bag that I have yet to pay for) and lots of frozen goods that i have to travel, oh, about 30 miles home with. And there’s this lady behind me…not just any lady. Think Dora’s “abuela”. She’s so cute, and sweet, and she only has like five items. I’m looking at her and every fiber of my being wants to ignore the urge to let her in front of me. But somehow, I knew it was the right thing to do. ‘What if it was me?’ I thought, ‘with both my hungry children and only five items and behind someone with a gazillion items.’ I would want the person in front to let me go first. So, I did. I let her go ahead. She said thank you at least and was very nice. And my girls did just fine for that extra five minutes. And my groceries didn’t suddenly melt or anything. I did something nice. And it didn’t cost me anything. Have you done something nice today?

2. Have you ever noticed people’s faces when you go shopping? I do all the time. I’ve noticed that most look sad or angry. Hardly anyone has a neutral facial expression or a happy one. I noticed it especially today…so many unhappy, unfulfilled, lost people. It makes my heart feel heavy.

3. And last but not least, I so want one of those little newfangled mopeds! I saw like 5 today (one of which I almost hit….there was someone on it at the time)! They get like 80 miles to the gallon and you can fit into any parking space. I could just add a little side car for the babes’ car seats and we’re off! What do you think?



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  1. Ha! I think I would tump the thing over. My husband tried to teach me to drive his motorcycle. It did not go well 😦

  2. I can definitely relate to #2 because I am a hardcore people watcher! lol

    Love the scooter! I’m not a fan of the color pink, but it’s actually quite cute! lol


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