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Musings of a Multi Tasking Mom

So I’ve decided that since every Tuesday shopping trip is an adventure, that I would make Tuesday “Musings of a Multi Tasking Mom Day”! Woo hoo! My first themed day. I’m sure I’ll have another one at some point but let’s not move too quickly. I don’t do change, remember?

So for some reason I decided that today was the day that Big Sister needed to use the potty in the Wal Mart all by herself….probably because I couldn’t be bothered to take the baby in and worry about the cart and have to repack into my purse all the stuff the girls had pulled out along our shopping trip (wow, that was SO a run-on). I check out said public bathroom to be sure no one is in there, send Big Sister in (who seems excited at the time), and wait with buggy (yes, we often call it a buggy in the South) and Baby Sister and said stuff. All of a sudden Big Sister appears at the doorway to the bathroom…in the Walmart Supercenter…filled with people….and her pants – panties and all- are down around her ankles.  She looks bewildered, like she has no clue what she’s supposed to do in there.  I mean hello she’s used it there at least a dozen times before.  So wonderful. Big Sister’s “bits” are exposed for every pervert’s, scowling conservative old school grandmother’s, and laughing I-know-how-you-feel mother’s eyes to see.  We’re not talking the likes of a plumber here.  We’re talking genetalia. I quickly guide Big Sister back into the bathroom and encourage her to actually use the potty instead of just look at it. All the while Baby Sister has stood straight up in the buggy and is “preaching” about something or another about to fall over backwards onto the floor…guess why….because the SAFETY STRAPS are broken!! Imagine that! (see first Musings post from last Weds.) Big Sister hurriedly comes out of the bathroom-pants up-very excited that she went in a public restroom by herself. Baby Sister begins to scream (attracting further attention…as if we didn’t have enough already)because Mean Mommy made her sit down in the buggy.

Honestly, I would have taken a picture if I didn’t care what people thought. It was that embarrassing and that funny. Well, that’ll teach me not to be bothered to do something again. It’s always the shortcuts that get ya.


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  1. That sounds exactly like your girls. 😉

  2. I think every mother in the world can sympathize with your day! lol

    Nice to see everyone survived, including you! :o)

  3. I realized by the end of this post that my eyebrows had shot straight up and I was stressed. LOL! YES I have been there and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course the light is the glow of a cell phone in your teenage daughter’s hand texting who knows WHO 🙂

    Enjoy potty training.


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