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Musings of a Multi tasking Mom

So maybe these aren’t really musings but questions. I go out with the girls (a baby and a three year old) every Tuesday. We go to the mall and then we get groceries. I do this by myself and well today I just really have some questions about some obstacles I had.

1. Why is the toilet paper so LOW on the wall in public restrooms? I mean, really. Do you know what it’s like to try and unfasten your pants, sit, do the business, wipe and fasten back up all while holding a baby? Higher toilet paper would help!

2. Why doesn’t every single handicap stall have the baby changing station in it? Why would you put it by the door to the restroom so people bump you when they walk in? Also that could be used to sit baby on while doing the business.

3. How exactly am I supposed to get my hands washed or my three year old’s hands washed while holding the baby AND if the sink is too high for three year old? Provide a step please!

4. Why would anyone (or rather HOW) actually break the restraints on the shopping cart? And shouldn’t they be fixed so my baby isn’t standing up pulling everything off the shelves as we pass by?

5. Why would a thin, non handicap woman with absolutely no children and no bags have an excuse to use the handicap restroom while a larger woman with two children was waiting for it?

6.  If I’m walking on the right side of the parking lot with a baby, a three year old, and a shopping cart in the rain towards you and you’re walking down the left side of the parking lot with nothing and an umbrella towards me, shouldn’t you be the one that moves?  I mean didn’t we learn that in grade school?

7.  Is there a particular reason why children suddenly need everything under the sun when you’re on the phone?

8.  Why is it ok for a cop to drive and talk on his cell phone but it’s not ok for me?  And speeding?  I mean can a cop give another cop a ticket?

Well, I would like some answers people!  I’m not bitter…really, I’m not. : )  I’m just confused!


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  1. These are sooo good! lol I just LOVE #8! It pains me when I see them doing it, knowing full well I will be BUSTED the moment I try!!!!!


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