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Borrowed Babies

I was so privileged to be able to organize a baby shower for one of my good friends recently. It was a fun time of celebration of the up and coming arrival of a new baby. I love love love babies. I love how they smell, how they look, how they cry, all their little expressions. They’re just wonderful! And I love the beauty of a pregnant mother. Not all moms-to-be have that glow, but my friend definitely does, and her growing belly is a constant reminder of God’s grace, provision, love, and power.

I am always aware that my babies are not mine to have. No baby belongs to it’s parents. They are borrowed treasures from the Lord. They are gifts that have to be given back. We should rejoice that the Lord blesses us with such an honor. How grateful I am to be a mom! And how wonderful it is that my babies are not my own but His..the Creator’s, the Author’s, the Protector’s. I pray that His will be done with them because I just know that mine will fail them. I hope that my friend’s motherhood (and the father’s fatherhood) is blessed with this same awareness…awesomeness…that I have that our children are borrowed!




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  1. These are precious thoughts. Love the pictures – there is such a peaceful look on those two faces.


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