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Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

I know we’ve all had “those days”…you know, those days that go wrong from the moment you wake up to pretty much the moment you go to bed. Well, I’m kind of having one of those days….I’ve certainly had worse, but I think this one can still fit the category of a day that you hope ends soon. We’ll I’ve decided to change my attitude when I have a day like I’m having today. Instead of griping about what all went wrong. I’m going to list all the things I’m REALLY thankful for today so here goes:

1. I’m thankful my smoke alarm is disconnected.
2. I’m thankful the toilet is at least somewhat clean.
3. I’m thankful I have a dog (i.e. vacuum cleaner)
4. I’m thankful someone made liquid plumber and thank God for whoever that is.
5. I’m thankful God made people who actually want to be plumbers.
6. I’m thankful I’m not an alcoholic (because I’d totally have been at the bar by around 9 am this morning!)
7. I’m thankful that both my children still take naps (and at about the same time!)
8. I’m thankful that my bad-for-you lunch burned because I didn’t need that in my diet anyway.
9. I’m thankful for washable markers, crayons, and for Shrek and TV
10. I’m thankful that the dog actually peed and came back instead of chasing the behind of the dog up the street…in the snow.
11. I’m thankful that while my mixer is smoking and doesn’t work, at least my coffee maker does.
12. I’m thankful that my daughter actually had a bowel movement in the toilet instead of her panties…or worse, the floor (yes it’s happened).
13. Finally, I am SO thankful that, eventually, this day will end and we can try again tomorrow!



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  1. I hope that Anabel isn’t going after Avery’s poop!


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