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Whatta Piece of Junk!

Every time something in my possession breaks I’m constantly reminded of Luke Skywalker’s comment when he first sees the Millenium Falcon (owned by who else but Harrison Ford..I mean Han Solo), “What a piece of junk!”. I’m not exactly sure WHY I think this since the Falcon actually worked (well, at least most of the time) which is more than I can say for my car.

I mean, really, let me rant a bit. WHY does a car break right after it’s paid off? Of course my car breaks most of the time. As a matter of fact we could have probably bought a couple of nice used cars with the money we (or rather, my parents) have put into it. However, this is just another humbling experience for me.

I am so very grateful for my piece of junk. My parents made most of the payments. They even kept it serviced and have put tons of money into it to fix all the broken parts. Many many many people don’t have a car. They walk or (gasp!) take public transportation…even ride bikes in crazy weather. How fortunate I am not to have to do any of those things! One day, my car will be new again because we will have fixed everything on it!

It makes me think about us as humans. Now, I’m sure God doesn’t look at us and think, “what a piece of junk!” because as we know God don’t make junk. But in a lot of ways we are like my car. Once one thing is fixed another breaks. When one bad habit goes, another emerges. When one attitude dissipates another one erupts. We are (or should be) in a constant state of brokenness and fixing. Except the Lord is our mechanic. How wonderful that one day, we will be perfect! No more fixing! How I long for that day…and so possibly does my car!

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Philippians 3:12


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  1. Props to you for using Star Wars to open this blog post. Luke Skywalker was my first MAJOR crush. Well, after Donny Osmond and Keith Partridge (WHY OH WHY does his real name elude me).

    We had a Dodge K car several years ago.

    It. Was. A. JUNKER.

    I put a bumper sticker on back that said “I’m storing up my treasures in Heaven” We drove the stew out of that VERY uncool car, and then gave it away to someone who needed a car when we got a new one. So we were able to take our clunky blessing and bless someone else with it too!

    God works but it doesn’t always have to be stylish 🙂

    • that is very cool! well, I’ve had a series of pretty bad clunkers in my life. This one, however, was different. It was my first new used car. It actually used to be kind of nice! Well, I’ll be happy to get it back! I love that bumper sticker idea!


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